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Terms of use

The services of GoGoBook website are available to all users older than 13. In order to acquire right to lawfully use all functionalities, including ordering printed versions of photobooks, you must register using our standard form located at our web pages. You bear full responsibility for accuracy of provided information and secrecy protection of your username and password you choose. If the username you choose for yourself is offensive, protected by copyright or simulates another person's identity, GoGoBook reserves the right to refuse your chosen username.

All textual, visual and other elements on our website(excluding the contents in your ownership that you contribute to the website) are given to you for conditional use and for purposes of enhancing our services, and can not be used for any other purpose. Some of these materials could be protected by copyright and their unlawful use can be sanctioned by applicable regulations. Original contents you save on our website will not be available to other users, nor used by GoGoBook website for any purpose, without your explicit consent. GoGoBook can not be held responsible for contents provided by other users, nor for their authenticity, legality or potential offensiveness.

While you are using GoGoBook website, you are also agreeing not to break any other legal norms or regulations, nor use our services for commercial purposes without our permission. GoGoBook retains full right to change the content of the website at any moment, including offered products and their prices, according to business policy of the company and current market situation. Terms of use as published here can also be changed at any time, with timely updates on these pages.


GoGoBook respects your privacy, including your personal information and photographs. All user information you provide to use during the process of registration will be used responsibly and according to all applicable laws and regulations, without abusing or compromising your privacy. User information can be used for following purposes:

  • Providing services to the users
  • Organizing and administrating sweepstakes, promotional activities, surveys and user studies
  • Offering new products and services
  • Increasing effectiveness of our web pages, marketing activities, services and offering
  • Conducting research and analyses
  • Sending marketing information
  • Performing other business operations

There is a possibility some of these information will be transferred to third parties included in our core business process (i.e. printing house, bank); these parties will be explicitly instructed not to save, copy or use these data for any other purposes other then directly fulfilling your requests.

When saving any photobook on our website, you have an option to make the contents viewable to other users or to apply for participation in a sweepstakes. The types of contents that require your consent can be used for promotional or other purposes by GoGoBook website, either in their original form or in part. GoGoBook guarantees that your ownership rights will be credited every time your original contents are utilized.



When you order a photobook from GoGoBook, you acquire the right to take part in the Photographer of the Month and Photographer of the Year contests and win valuable prizes.

Order from home

The entire process of creating and ordering a photobook can be done in the comfort of your home - printed product will be delivered to any address you specify.


About us

In the age of digital photography, GoGoBook offers you proven way to keep your memories in permanent and easily accessible form. By utilizing this user-friendly photo service, you can create striking, professionally printed photobooks out of your best pictures and tell your life story in a very lively and picturesque way.

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