What is GoGoBook?

In the age of digital photography, GoGoBook offers you proven way to keep your memories in permanent and easily accessible form. By utilizing this user-friendly photo service, you can create striking, professionally printed photobooks out of your best pictures and tell your life story in a very lively and picturesque way.

What is GoGoBook?

User manual

GoGoBook software doesn't require advanced level of knowledge in graphical arts programs or photography editing. Instead, user can simply follow pre-defined steps and choose the options that are best suited for his/her photobook content.

Photobook creation process


While in application, click on the "Add photos" from the left-side menu to choose photos from your computer you wish to narrow down the selection you wish to include in photobook You will see them arranged in left-side menu. Also, by clicking the "F" icon (as Facebook), you can import photos directly from your Facebook account. If you are not already logged to Facebook via browser, follow the instructions to log in and allow photobook app to import your Facebook photos.


Wake up your artistic side and create unforgettable photobooks in just a few minutes. By relying on advanced photo editing tools, large number of automated options and wide choice of backgrounds, you can turn your best photos into unique photobooks that reflect your personality and your interests. You have unlimited freedom and total control at the same time!


If you prefer printed books of photographs to digital displays, GoGoBook is just the service for you. Ordering of finished product to specified address (or several addresses) is done effortlessly from the online application, while you can choose between several payment methods. Each time you order a new copy, you can re-enter the important parameters like format or binding, so that each shipment fits your wishes completely.


1. Creating photobook

GoGoBook application for personalized photobooks can be used by all visitors of our website, with no limits. To start new project and create personal photobook, you need to click on a green button stating "start designer" found on our homepage, or choose option "My Book" from main menu. This way you start photobook application that lets you manage all detail about your photobook. While using this software, navigation through website pages is not available until you saved or abandoned your current project.

2. Choosing the format, layout and background

When you start creating your new photobook, you will first have to choose a printing format, number of pages you need and a binding that suits you (hardcover or softcover). These parameters at the same time influence the total price of the finished product. The next step is to select one of the offered layouts of pictures on a page. All potential options are clearly, visually represented on the screen, while you have full freedom to decide whether you will place only one or several pictures on a page, whether all pictures will be of same size and whether they will overlap in certain spots... Of course, selecting a predefined layout won’t diminish your creativity or freedom of expression – you can still manually adjust the layout of each individual page at any moment. After you define there parameters, all you have to do is settle on one of offered backgrounds and you can start adding up your photographs into a dynamic, exciting photo-story.

3. Uploading the photos

After you set the basic parameters and open your new photobook, you need to choose a folder on your computers where appropriate pictures are stored. To achieve this, select the folder location in the box on the left side of the screen. You can upload all the photos at once (by dragging the folder into the part of the screen that displays your photobook) or one by one, while the bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to move through different pages of your photobook. When you are done uploading photos, you need to click on the SAVE button in order to store your photobook in the PDF file format, suitable for transfer or printing.

4. Editing pictures and entering text

All photographs that you include in the photobook can be individually edited to achieve exactly the type of visual effect you were aiming for. By clicking on any photo you can open Image Editor functionality which allows you to perform following operations:

  • Image rotation
  • Image cropping (removing unnecessary portions)
  • Image optimization (automatic or manual adjustment of contrast and brightness)

All changes you make will be retained only in the photobook you are working on – original photo will stay unaltered, except if you decide to save the changes in a separate file for later use. If you want to retract the changes you made, simply click on the Cancel changes options.

5. Photobook ordering

After you have finished the preparation of your photobook and saved a PDF file on our servers, you can order a printed version of it without leaving GoGoBook internet site. In just a few minutes you can select the book you want and add an order to your account, and the system will automatically provide you with total costs for your order, as well as with expected date of delivery to your specified address. At this time, you also need to choose payment method that is best for you (credit card, money order, e-banking, on delivery, over a business account).

6. User registration

To start using GoGoBook application for personalized photobook printing, you need to register on our website. This way, you become a part of our user database, and your information (address, phone number) is entered in the system and serves as basis for delivery of all photobook products you might order.

Payment & delivery

All GoGoBook photobooks are delivered directly to the address you entered during the registration on our website, no matter if that is your own address or address of your friends who you want to surprise with a gift. Photobooks are delivered anywhere within territory of Republic of Serbia, while it is possible to deliver orders in the surrounding countries as well upon specific request. Timeframe and price of shipping depend on the delivery destination, but all GoGoBook products safely arrive on required address in no more than 7 days.

Payment & delivery

Directly to your doorstep

There is no reason for you to waste time and energy in traffic – after you order your new photobook via the Internet, you can relax and wait for it in the comfort of your own home. Your book will be delivered by professional courier service, capable of transporting the product without damaging it. Less effort, less risk – more pure pleasure!

In the country and region-wide

Although GoGoBook services are primarily intended for residents of Serbia, who also enjoy free delivery, it is possible to organize delivery over the border. If you are interested for this type of service, please tell us what location you would like to receive ordered products at. You will soon get the answer with included minimal time needed and shipping price for the specified location.

Your wishes matter!

User satisfaction is the most important factor that drives GoGoBook’s business model. If you have any special requests related to delivery (large number of copies, set time or date of delivery) or you have any complaints about the quality of delivered photobooks, send us an e-mail with all the details, and we will find a way to meet your requirements. Serving your wishes is the evidence of good business practice we are proud of!



GoGoBook caused a lot of attention from the public, so many users came forward with their questions about using this software tool. This page brings all the answers to most common dilemmas our users encounter in the field. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here, you can send us your questions directly through Contact sections of the site.

I already have lots of pictures in my computers and mobile phone – why would I need a photobook?

If you own numerous folders with photographs and like to have your memories documented visually, GoGoBook software is just the thing for you. Of course, you won’t print all your photos, only those you want to showcase to the world. By doing this, you’ll avoid having to cycle through your photographs on the screen, explaining the same things over and over – GoGoBook does it much better.

What is the difference between a photobook and a regular photo album?

Basic difference is in the level of personalization available. While standard photo album has fixed positions for placing pictures and doesn’t allow picture editing, GoGoBook empowers you to make a fully unique creation that looks just like you. You don’t have to worry about finding an album that you like – simply choose a photo you want to put on the cover page and add your title!

How to choose the best style for my photobook?

It all depends on the content of the pictures you want to show. Certain content types, such as portraits or family photos, look better when they have a whole page just for them, while topics such as travel, parties or photo-stories can serve their purpose perfectly fine in the collage form. If you are unsure how best to arrange your materials, you can search for inspiration in the "Book gallery" section of our website.

How many photographs can I fit into a photobook?

There are no limits! You can always add another picture to existing page or simply increase the number of pages in the photobook. Only your imagination and content of your photographs are relevant parameters when it comes to making decisions about your new photobook.

Can I order several copies of the photobook I created?

GoGoBook photobooks can be a very useful business tool, so many companies find it convenient to order a large number of copies of the same photobook. Of course, this opportunity is available to individual users as well, in case they want to share their memories with a special person.

Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?

Matter of fact – they did. This type of service is well established all around the world, while GoGoBook is one of the first attempts to allow users from our region to transform their digital photos into more durable and more practical form.



You don’t have to wait for your friends to visit in order to show them your latest vacation photos. Create a photobook on our website and send them a link.


If you are not certain how best to organize the photos in your new photobook, take a look at our gallery of users’ ideas and find your inspiration.


About us

In the age of digital photography, GoGoBook offers you proven way to keep your memories in permanent and easily accessible form. By utilizing this user-friendly photo service, you can create striking, professionally printed photobooks out of your best pictures and tell your life story in a very lively and picturesque way.

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